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Hibachi Buffet and Grill has teamed up with Dr. John V. Dawidowicz and you are invited to a FREE dinner with the Doctor program subject: "Stress: Causes and Cures" on Thursday Oct. 1, 2009. The Health Presentation and Dinner are both FREE but Pre-registration is needed to attend.

Call Gilbert at 864-583-8308

"People need this information about the seven major symptoms and how stress affects their lives," said Dr. Dawidowicz.

Call Gilbert at 864-583-8308 to pre-register.

This is the list of MAJOR STRESS INDICATORS and statistics for some:

The first and foremost indicator is HEADACHES or MIGRAINES. Headaches affect one in six people every day and with the average of about 157 million workdays lost due to headaches each year this is a big indicator. The Primary headaches are Migraines, Tension and Trauma related headaches. Secondary headaches occur because of another underlying problem.

Second indicator is FATIGUE. Fatigue, also known as weariness, tiredness, exhaustion, or lethargy, is generally defined as a feeling of lack of energy. About 20% of Americans claim to have fatigue intense enough to interfere with their having a normal life. The desire to sleep may accompany fatigue. Apathy or "a feeling of indifference" may accompany fatigue. Physical causes are estimated at 20-60%, and emotional causes are the other 40-80%.

Third indicator is PAIN, TENSION or NUMBNESS. There are six major regions that are affected the most in the body. They are the Neck, the Shoulders, the Lower Back, the Legs, the Arms and the Head. Any part of the body that extends from these regions can be affected as well.

Fourth indicator is INSOMNIA or SLEEP PROBLEMS. 30%-50% of the general population is affected by insomnia, and 10% have chronic insomnia. Without the proper amount of sleep the body starts to develop more problems.

Fifth indicator is IRRITABILITY or MOODINESS. This could be caused by hormonal imbalances. But what is causing the imbalances?

Sixth indicator is DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS including Constipation, Diarrhea, Gas and Bloating. For most people that have an upset stomach, they take the anti-whatever and still leave the bigger problem to continue to grow.

Seventh indicator is SINUS PROBLEMS or ALLERGIES. Most people are surprised to find this out. Allergies account for more than 17 million visits to the doctor each year. Over half of all allergy visits are for seasonal allergies. Over 7 million people visit their doctor for skin allergies yearly, and food allergies account for 30,000 visits to the emergency room.

 If YOU are suffering from any one of SEVEN INDICATORS for stress, even if for only one time, you are urged to come to get this most important information to your health.

Call Gilbert at 864-583-8308.